The Simplest Way to Write an Impressive Thesis Statement

The Simplest Way to Write an Impressive Thesis Statement

The Easiest Way to Create a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is one of the most important sentences in an academic paper. It focuses on the essay and makes it easier to look for supporting evidence. While it has to be a logical expression of your viewpoints, it must also be debatable. This means your thesis must make a claim which allows other people to dispute.

A well-thought thesis showcases a student’s opinion and acts as a roadmap to the evidence used in the paper. It tends to appear at the end of the introductory paragraph. However, just because you know the definition of a thesis and where to place, it does not guarantee that it will be easier to create it. On the contrary, crafting a thesis is one of the hardest parts of writing an academic paper.

The good news is that students who find it challenging to create a logical thesis can use this simple approach.

Do Not Use Obvious Statement

If a professor sees a thesis that reads like this “doctors work long hours,” they are likely to lose interest in your paper because the statement is obvious. Besides, it is not debatable because almost every single person will agree with that statement. This eradicates the need to focus on such an issue because it is too broad.

With a good thesis, you can make a solid claim and find evidence to convince the teacher that it is true. Therefore, it’s ideal to use a thesis that people may disagree with as it gives your views a chance to shine since reputable sources support them.

It Should Respond to The question

Students that are tackling argument based research papers have to create a thesis that answers the posed question. It should show the central purpose of the essay and have a simple counterargument.

While it should answer the question, it is often not a good idea to frame your thesis in question. This is because you are persuading your audience and not asking them to answer a question. Instead, if you must use an inquiry method, add a thought-provoking rhetoric question. Then use the answer to formulate a thesis statement.

Avoid Common Phrases

Students often make the mistakes of using common phrases such as “this paper examines, or this project discusses” to point exactly where the thesis statement is located. However, this is a bad strategy because a thesis should provide purpose and direction of the essay without announcing it.

To create a great thesis, go for a unique issue that you would love to explore further. Read and research on the topic. Next, brainstorm and come up with several topic options. Create questions that you have to answer then use the answer to compose a thesis. Make use of words such as although, nevertheless, and because which work to state the evidence that supports your view. These three keywords showcase your stand on the subject matter and give the main argument.

When crafting a thesis, ensure it takes a stand on an issue, and people can disagree.

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