The Right Place In an Essay to Add a Thesis Statement

The Right Place In an Essay to Add a Thesis Statement

Position of a Thesis Statement in an Essay

Are you wondering where a thesis statement should be placed in an essay? At the end of an introduction, preferably as the last sentence. Paragraphs in other sections will support it and further illustrate the importance of the topic. It reveals the professor the stand that the writer has taken on the issue and what is to follow.

Including a thesis in an essay is important since it organizes the argument. It also teaches a learner how to distill information and condense it into one sentence. With an impressive thesis, the readers shall have a guide to the argument. Overall, a thesis has to answer the question the essay intends to explore.

How to Recognize If a Thesis Statement is Impressive

Regardless of the academic level or how technical the task is, the key issue can be modified to fit a single question. One of the best ways to arrive at an investigation is to look at what the essay expects of you. For instance, if the task entails explaining the advantages of mobile phones in school, then turn it into a question and say, “what are the advantages of using mobile phones in school?” Us the solutions to create a single sentence.

A great thesis showcases the stand the writer has taken on the subject matter. This illustrates the concluding aspects the essay shall have. Consider these two sentences:

  • There are numerous negative and positive effects of drinking herbal tea.
  • Since herbal tea causes rapid weight loss, it causes muscle loss, which in turn poses a potential danger to consumers.

The first sentence is a weak thesis while the second one is strong because it is specific, stakes a stand, and indicates what will be covered in the essay. The second statement also contradicts what has been widely accepted, which is one component that all excellent thesis have in common. Besides, a person is likely to read an essay based on a controversial topic because they want to know more about how you will support your stand.

When reading an essay, a teacher needs to see that your thesis has one central idea. Consider the following example “since herbal tea can cause severe drowsiness, increase risk of bleeding, and promote rapid weight loss which causes loss of muscles, it poses an unhealthy risk to consumers.” The statement is confusing since it points to several things. This makes it challenging for the reader to determine whether your paper focuses on drowsiness, bleeding, or repaid weightlessness.

If you must include two ideas, ensure they are related. Some of the keywords students use to make a thesis clear are: although, because, since, and many others. Choose that which fits the theme you want to explore.

Additionally, when assigned a lengthy essay covering several pages, stick to creating a statement that can be thoroughly covered. This should be done without adding fluff or unnecessary details just to reach the requested word count. Instead, opt to take an approach that narrows the subject into a manageable topic worth writing about.

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