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Course paper is an integral component of the educational process in the university. A course paper is a demonstration of students’ knowledge of the problem being studied, as well as the skills and abilities of working with scientific sources. Course paper differs from the abstract in that it has a practical part. Therefore, a student spends much more on course paper than on an essay. At the same time, the modern pace of life seriously limits the possibilities and dictates its own requirements. For many students who combine university studies with work, spending an enormous amount of time working with sources, highlighting a problem, or performing experiments is an unaffordable luxury. Course paper is usually defended before the commission, which includes faculty or department teachers. Such paper usually includes 2-3 chapters, where one of the chapters may be practical, in which an experiment is carried out, an empirical study, or a calculation is carried out. Work on exchange paper involves working with scientific literature, searching for relevant information on the problem. Usually course paper ends with a summary of the work, as well as providing recommendations on how to solve a problem consecrated in a term paper. The quality of the paper allows you to judge the skills of the student. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the delivery of course paper in advance and in advance.

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