Learn How to Write a Thesis Statement

Learn How to Write a Thesis Statement

Learn How to Write an Essay Thesis Sentence

When students from all academic levels are assigned an essay, they often have challenges creating a thesis statement. Some learners wonder how to tell if they have included a good thesis or simply which the easiest way to make it is. If you are amongst the students who rarely crafts a good statement, then this post is for you. After reading the content provided in this article, you will be able to create a thesis statement with ease, regardless of the complexity of the topic.

Have a Checklist

With a checklist on what a thesis statement should contain, you will never craft a dull one. That way, you will ensure the work submitted has a solid thesis that grabs a teacher’s attention. Here is a checklist to cover all the bases:

  • It should be a single sentence written placed end of the introductory section.
  • It should clearly tell the instructor what your views are on the topic.
  • It should include a single claim.
  • It should demonstrate a paper direction by stating what it is going to prove.
  • It should answer or respond to the question.
  • It should take a position that others can provide counterarguments.
  • It should say something meaningful and answer the “so what” question.

H2: Concentrate on a Single Viewpoint

A thesis must also showcase what connects the various evidence that supports the claim. Therefore when writing an essay thesis statement, consider what it expects you to answer. If it’s a general topic, you will have a wide range of angles to explore. In this case, choose a statement that narrows the focus of the subject.

If you choose a broad topic, you might cover many things, which further confuses the reader and makes your argument unconvincing.

Look At the Evidence

Before writing a thesis, ask yourself whether the topic you want to explore is worth your time and effort. Avoid issues that have been extensively covered as it will minimize the chances of finding an excellent unique angle to talk about. Themes that have been written too many times may also bore the reader.

To get an impressive thesis, ask what is new in your field of study that a scholar may want to know. Then check other sources to ensure there is enough evidence to support your claim. It is often an ideal option to craft a rough draft of a thesis and modify it if you get new evidence.

Besides, when researching and evaluating evidence, you will most likely notice an idea that is repeated by several credible authors. This will lead you to a conclusion about the issue being discussed. It is also by doing research that you can determine whether there is solid proof that allows you to argue for a specific viewpoint better than the rest.

Remember, as you continue writing content, focus on new information to modify the thesis statement to match your reasoning and the rest of the paper.

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