Review of the Caveman Bob Pokie

Caveman Bob from Relax is a visually stunning slot machine that features a variety of entertaining minigames and thrilling adventures. As the unfortunate caveman travels through his stone-aged surroundings, you will be taken back in time to the prehistoric era together with him. This slot machine is jam-packed with intriguing features, minigames, and a one-of-a-kind playing area that consists of three levels and gives you the opportunity to go to new places with your caveman friend. Playing this entertaining slot machine, also known as a pokie, at either the desktop or mobile casino will provide you with first-rate entertainment.

Taking Part in the Levels

The places where people can have fun in Caveman Bob goes through a transformation whenever he comes into contact with the triggering symbols. After he catches a hog in the cave, a fish in the oasis, or a pterodactyl egg in the mountains, a map will become available for him to use.


This place is like a second home to Bob. It is here that he begins his wandering lifestyle that would take him all over the world. The house that Bob lives in is being haunted by a horrible hog that will not let him get any rest. You must assist him in capturing this prickly pig in a bag in order to activate one of the three features that are shared. After each round, there is a chance that the random wild cave feature will be activated. When one of the five smooth stalactites falls into the reels, it will lock wild symbols into place on that reel.

The oasis

The Oasis playfield is rumored to be Bob’s strong suit, according to a rumor that has been flying about. Bob gets the opportunity to learn how to fish in the world with the low-lying water, and each good catch will activate one of three common characteristics. Keep an eye out for the random feature that has the potential to become active after any spin. Embers of burning wood will fall onto the reels, where they will take on the role of expanding wilds and have the potential to cover an entire reel with a cluster of 13 wilds at once.

The mountain

The summit of the mountain is the most elevated part in the game. This playground is far more difficult to gain access to, but if you do, it offers great benefits. Bob is being chased by a pterodactyl, but if he manages to stay on his feet and grab an egg, then one of the three shared features will become available to him. In addition, a blizzard might strike at any time, which will bring about unpredictable wild features. After it has been unlocked, it is possible for up to 15 wild symbols to be spun around the reels in a random pattern.

The gameplay

Caveman Bob will no longer transition between environments automatically once all of the places in the Caveman Bob pokie have been unlocked. Instead, players will be able to select the environment in which they wish to play. It is necessary to rediscover the map, and once a particular planet has been unlocked, players have the option of staying in that world.

Common Characteristics

Bob’s Your Uncle

By using this tool, you can transform a symbol that pays less into one that pays more. This process will continue until the ultimate prize is significantly more valuable than the one first offered.

An Enormous Turnabout

After it has been initiated, a re-spin will immediately be triggered as well. In the course of the re-spins, the mammoth symbols will transform into the colossal symbols, which have the ability to stack.

The Wheel of Bob

When this feature is unexpectedly activated, Bob will receive one turn on the large wheel.

Conclusion regarding Caveman Bob

Caveman (n.) The online slot game known as Bob’s Pokie is a prehistoric-themed adventure that is both entertaining and packed with bonus features. Relax has, without a doubt, produced a slot machine that is flawless and is certain to keep players entertained for many hours. Today is a great day to try your luck at one of Australia’s toppokie casinos.

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